All about Rapsel
Intermediary between vision and reality research, innovation and audacity - these three driving forces have characterized Rapsel since its inception in 1975, turning it into one of the leading companies in interior design. Teamed with skilled use of new materials and technologies, unceasing research focusing on function, design and aesthetics has led to a steady flow of revolutionary products.
The Rapsel product range is characterized by authenticity and originality. Design icons by leaders on the international scene are featured alongside innovative objects by newcomers to whom Rapsel offers a passport into the world of architecture and design.

RAPSEL: an Italian Company that speaks the global language of architecture and design.

The ability for Rapsel to work closely with architects and designers, allowing their style and vision, coupled with Rapsel’s flexibility and unique ability to work on individual custom pieces, provide the optimal solution to respond to design and function.

Blazing a path for new trends, Rapsel has, over the last 30 years, shared in the evolution of modern living. Its new and avant-garde products include, for example, the ultra-lightweight Lavasca bath by Matteo Thun, the Mylos washbasin by Marco Piva and the Cobra shower by Adri Hazebroek. All are sensational designs charged with emotion which transport the beholder into exciting new worlds - worlds that dreams are made of.