Ciddi Mutfak

Ciddi Mutfak has been operating in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus from 1975 to present in its factory located in Kyrenia region until 2010, from 2010 moved to its production factory in Alayköy Industrial Zone with a closed area of 6.000m2, and showing continuous growth today it has 10.000m2 closed area and a showroom serving corporate customers. It is the biggest Kitchen & Cabinet & Wooden Decoration Company of TRNC with its shops in Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta. The Company has more than 175 employees.

The company manufactures and sells kitchen, wardrobe, door and parquet products, as well as decoration and other domestic furniture. The company takes the priority of expanding the possibilities of modular kitchen and home furniture in its designs, responding to individual needs, meeting customer expectations with different solutions in the kitchen and increasing its product range in this direction with each passing day.

As a company with the consciousness of quality comes first, it adopts the high quality standard in all of the products it produces. While designing and producing projects, it makes the best use of working physiology, ergonomics, space utilization and technological developments.

It is always ready for innovation in order to make living spaces more useful. It applies the highest standards in materials, design, technique, design and production and aims at quality at every stage from design to delivery of each product. The produced products and the services after assembly are under the guarantee of the company for their customers.

The Company provides free design service by ’Ciddi Mutfak Design Specialists’. In addition to their own knowledge and training, the experts working in the company stores start to serve after a training process that covers a wide range of topics from kitchen design to sales techniques, from new trends to product and material information. The Company measures the service quality in all its stores through the 'Customer Satisfaction Surveys’ conducted by the public relations department to all customers.


Our Mission

In line with the expectations of customers to provide the best quality with reasonable price, without compromising the quality standards of experience, knowledge and superior technological machines to produce more quality products, to protect its name and recognition in the industry and unconditional customer satisfaction is determined. In addition, alternative product options, the right service and a reasonable pricing policy allow to maximize customer satisfaction and timely needs. Following all the innovations of the era, presenting these innovations in the service of the public, ensuring customer satisfaction with a smiling face, “hear thanks” is our main principle.


Our Vision

Alternative product options, the right service and a reasonable pricing policy to maximize customer satisfaction and timely meet needs. Following the all innovations of the age, while presenting these innovations to the service of the public, providing customer satisfaction with a smiling face has been determined as the fundamental principle of the Company.

'To be the leader of the sector by being recognized as a pioneer in the ready and modular furniture market of the country.'


Our Quality Policy

Confidence in the Company is the greatest reference to the Company, which has proven itself to the present day with the understanding of providing the customer with the highest quality products and the highest quality service. The comfort provided in the kitchen is the greatest gift of the Company's partners and employees. Customer satisfaction is the Company's greatest pride.

Seeing the customers as the most important value and pretending to hold the customer forever is the main idea of the company's quality understanding. The company believes that quality is the most fundamental and natural right of customers. Achieving this and achieving complete customer satisfaction is an indispensable task for everyone from company suppliers to employees, managers and sales points. Education, research and development, technology and design are key to success and quality is what makes it real. The Company considers these investments as an investment in the quality and the future of the brand and attaches importance to continuous development.

Our Service Principles

The company has adopted a modern management approach based on quality and 100% customer satisfaction. This understanding aims to realize quality not only in the product but also in all corporate dimensions including sales and service processes.

In order to achieve this, every employee has to adopt his / her job, take responsibility, use initiative and have all the necessary knowledge and skills in his / her field.

Quality and service are as important as its value, its affordable cost and price to offer. This is a responsibility of the Company for customers. Products and services that are not produced on time and when necessary, make no sense. Delivering the desired product at the promised time and quality is a natural result of respect for both the customer and the company values.

‘Openness, Transparency and Integrity’ are the most fundamental features that give customers confidence in the company. The Company is aware of the need to maintain this in all its business and services.