Turkey's first panel furniture and kitchen manufacturer, Kelebek is one of the most well-established industrial enterprises in the history of the Republic of Turkey. Founded upon the official request of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in Golden Horn, Istanbul, in 1935, to manufacture plywood for the wings of Turkey's first locally-built aircraft, Kelebek began industrial production and made its name heard throughout Turkey in a short period of time.
Production in Kelebek Mobilya relies on state-of-the-art integrated assembly line technologies based on German and Italian technology, and massive and various coating technologies. Manufacturing takes place in an indoor area of 40,000 square meters on a 186,000-square meter plot in Düzce.
Offering its products in more than 160 furniture and kitchen stores in Turkey, Kelebek also ranks among prestigious brands in the international market with standard and exclusive Kelebek products exported to 15 countries and its concept stores abroad.
Providing service in the fields that require specialization and qualification in the fields of project design works as part of housing, dormitory, hotel, and mixed-use projects in addition to domestic furniture in Turkey and abroad, Kelebek successfully handles out all decoration and furnishing works for large-scale projects.