The emerald green plateaus of the Black Sea Region are adorned with wooden houses that are in touch with nature. Most of these houses age gracefully, however at some point they get inescapably old. As these 100-year-old houses became tumbledown and were doomed to be pulled down just to become pieces of wood, we began creating new stories for them.
We recycled the oak wood and the chestnut tree wood taken from these houses without ruining their nature. We even left the worm holes and cracks on the wood as they were because we believed that they were the marks of history.
We uprooted trees from the upland areas and processed them carefully to make new products. They were all made by using hand-workmanship so that they preserved their naturalness. We coupled up the old and the new by combining these precious woods with metal, glass, and lacquer. We did all these so that those precious, aged trees would continue breathing in one special corner in your home.