Casa is the result of a continuous research based on a manufacturing process focusing on today’s style combined with future prediction and philosophy. Casa products along with their comfort and state-of-the-art offer artistic and remarkable trends of future lifestyles.


Hasan Kasan, who is still the Chairman, found Casa opened his first shop at Cikrikcilar Yokusu in 1965. After the establishment of Siteler, he moved his store to Siteler. In 1992, he inspired from his surname and created Casa brand name, which also means “home” in Italian. Casa, made a license agreement with an Italian company producing modern functional products, acquired rights to distribute and manufacture all of the company’s products in 1995. That was regarded a milestone as it was specifically the first corporation and license agreement in furniture sector in Turkey. After this achievement, Casa began to establish franchises all around Turkey and became one of the leading brands in the sector.

In the early 2000’s, Casa moved to its present manufacturing facilities set up in an area of 35.000 m2 in Ankara Esenboga Airport region. Today, Casa manufactures its own products maintaining its corporation with the biggest companies in Europe renowned for their range of products and accessories. Casa having 16 stores in Turkey and exporting to a number of countries is today managing its branch offices and stores in New York, Moscow, Baku and Lefkosa.

Experience in sector

Casa ith a 50-year-old-history in furniture sector believes that information and experience form the basis of a successful brand. This makes the company stand out with its design team, R&D studies, product quality, after sale services and customer satisfaction. Casa’s second generation young team, realizing the value of this precious experience they inherited by years, are working hard to achieve higher goals.


The variety of Casa products and diversity in its designs are based on the idea that “You can decorate a place so unique and nice, that it may seem so charming. However, if the place doesn’t fit the lifestyle of people who are going to live there, if it doesn’t satisfy their expectations and needs, then, it doesn’t worth anything at all.”

The airiness, dynamism, quality and the aesthetics at Casa stores and the places decorated by Casa products prove this philosophy. When it comes to designs that shape and influence the world, Casa recognizes that “design thinking” lies in the essence of all designs; and therefore believes the importance of creating a design with future vision.  Casa knows that this viewpoint can only be realized by; experience, a continuous observation and understanding aesthetic combined with technology and quality. This is the reason why Casa collections keep their dynamic composition at all times.